Gymnastics/cheer competition hairstyles

Bonjour! I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite hairstyles for cheer and gymnastics competitions.


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I like this one a lot! It’s a simple, original hairstyle for gymnastics.

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This one is cute to, I don’t know if I like it as much as a pony tail though.

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This one has got to be my favorite! Love everything about it.


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I like the hair color, I like big bows, and big bumps ( hehe ).

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This one is pretty to! Love the braid in the front.

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This one is really cool!

Let me know what you guys think! Bye!!


Summer Do’s and Don’ts: Alcohol

Hey guys! Well, by accident I deleted this post. So, I’m putting in a devo about alcohol instead!

Devo created by: Walk in the word with James Macdonald

Have a great day! Remeber, when you think of having that sip of beer, wine etc. Say NO! Drink a delicious smoothie, or bubbly soda instead. Trust me, I’d rather have you get addicted to a soda, than booze!

God loves you!

Summer Do’s and Don’ts: Swimwear

I’m making a new series! Hope you like it! So, summer is almost here, I love shopping for swimsuits! But, the world offers a lot of pretty skimpy and “sexy swimwear” which isn’t good. It’s good to cover up so guys won’t look at you in a wrong way. Thongs? Got to go. Tops showing cleavage? Bye now! Start wearing more modest swimsuits. Here’s some picture of cute modest swimsuits I really like.It’s ok to wear 2 pieces, but only if it covers body parts. 🙂 If you don’t agree with me, that’s ok. A lot of people think it’s ok to wear skimpy bikinis. I just like to think what guys would think on the beach. “Hey that’s a nice swimsuit!” Or “That’s a little too much going on ( bad thoughts follow on )”. Think about it.



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This is modest and cute!

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Love it!

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Love the high wasted bottoms, the top is perfect!

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This is cute to! Not to boyish. It helps with surfing/boogie boarding.

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Really pretty and modest, I’m not a fan of strapless just because it falls down a lot. But if you like it, go for it!

See, You can still look cute in the summer while being modest at the same time. And the high-waisted bottoms are in style right now. Stay cool, and modest this summer. 🙂


Tutorial Tuesday: How to do a front walkover

Hi guys! Welcome back! Here’s a tutorial from sevengymnasticsgirls on how to do a front walkover. TAKE YOU TIME ON THIS SKILL! It took me while to get this skill. If your still having trouble getting over ( coming up ) on this skill, Try push off your hand ( blocking ) more. The flexibility will come in time. Try doing a couple handstands, and pushing off your arms . You don’t have to have a trampoline to practice those drills. Good luck!

Cheer Pep Rally/Competition Photos🎀

Hiya guys! We had a cheer competition about 2 week ago, and one today ( I only have pics from our last competition ). Also one pic from our pep rally. Hope you enjoy!



My sister and I coached the parent team, and they performed at the pep rally!


Another Pep rally photo.


Clinton Tiger Senior Team 2016-2017.



CCA regionals competition at Liberty University, VA. At the selfie spot with my sister, and friends.


End pyramid picture.


Of course some of us had to stop at starbucks.😍

Sorry I didn’t post videos, you have to pay to post them. Thanks for following!

God bless!💛

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Hey yall! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. This is a Rhythmic gymnastics commercial aka hair product commercial. I really liked this and wanted to share it with you. 🙂 If the video is blurry go to the bottom left of the vid, and click settings. Then click quality, click the first number ( 720p HD ). It will take a few minuets but, it will be clear as a bell. 😉 BYE!