About me

I am an 12-year-old girl who loves gymnastics! I used to be able to do gymnastics, but I had to quit because the gym wanted me there every day, and it was just to long of a drive for us. I started gymnastics when I was about 4 years old. I instantly fell in love with the sternness and forcing manner the coaches gave to help you do your best, and push forward. Soon I leveled up to Young Level 1 in 2008. After that around 2009 I leveled up to Young Level 2. Then, finally I made it to a level that is one away from competing, Jr. All Stars in 2010. I was so happy. My practices were about 2 hours long. The first hour was conditioning and stretching. The second half, we would practice our routines on bars, beam, vault, and floor. Of course we had a little fun in foam pit afterwards. Sadly about almost a year of Jr. All Stars, the staff began to ask my mom to come twice a week to prepare for competition. After that, I was forced to quit because of the hours, and days of practicing. You may think I’m may be mad at God about this situation but, to be honest I was. I asked him why would he open a door to something I loved so much, and then close that door. I asked God to forgive me. I learned that”The Lord has given, and the Lord has taken away. May the name of the Lord be praised.” John 1:21. Now that I think about, it was kind of a good thing I quit. My family and I work with a kids missionary and go to the local schools in our county and teach them about Jesus every Thursday and Tuesday. Seeing a kid getting saved is way better than hardcore serious gymnastics. If I kept on doing gymnastics, it would’ve taking up all my time, and the opportunity of sharing Jesus with kids in schools may have never been a possibility! I am on a competitive cheer team now, and have achieved many hard skills. Including, a round off 3 backhandsprings, a back tuck, and many more things. God has continued to bless me through the years.